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I had some driving lessons before I came Leeds as a uni student,on a very first lesson with Skyline I could clearly tell the difference in teaching style,passed first time,thanks to Skyline driving school. Natalie, Leeds uni."

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Cant recommend enough ,being my 3rd instructor (best of all) Asad really helped me to pass my driving test,especially first time! thank you so much for your patience and thanks for all the laughs! Georgina Kendall, Leeds."

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Best driving school ever,good instructor very knowledgeable,never cancelled the lesson,always on time.helped me passed my test first attempt.thanks alot. Felix, Leeds uni."

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I have had the best driving experience with Skyline driving school. My old instructor was very angry and didn't calm me down but Skyline driving school made me feel so at ease that after just one lesson my confidence was already growing. Passed first time 😁. Livvie Renny, Leeds."

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I am so glad I found Asad/skyline for my driving lessons. He is incredibly patient, explains things in the most simplest ways and gives you the confidence. Would definitely recommend him. Megan Topham, Leeds"

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Asad is the best instructor i know i was comfortable to drive and learn so quickly with him.I passed my test wow .I would recommend him 100% he knows what he is doing. Demetric Nelson, Leeds."

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Really good instructor, helpfully never cancelled a class and always on time.Passed my test at first attempt.Highly recommended to everyone. Preet Kaur, Leeds"

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Really great instructor, calm reassuring and always on time.and I PASSED first time!Would highly recommend learning with this school,they're brilliant. Melissa Griffiths,Leeds."

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I PASSED the test at a first attempt today ,and it's all down to Asad's lessons.Really good instructor, calm and clear in explaining everything.Build up my confidence and actually turned my perception from being someone that initially hated driving to one that loves it now. Putri Chandra Puspita, Leeds."

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Passed first attempt today my instructor gave honest and clear feedback,to work from and prepares you well for the test,always very punctual to lessons and never cancelled one,highly recommended. Jeremy, Leeds."

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I PASSED top quality driving school, best instructors always on time and very friendly,you won't find better school in leeds,would highly recommend 10/10. Mikey Silverman,city centre Leeds."

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Passed first time today! Brilliant instructor who is very knowledgeable and patient, very well worth it,highly recommended. Ashleigh Pemberton.Headingley Leeds."

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Absolutely amazing driving instructor can't fault him a bit,He is so calm and patient and really know his stuff.I passed my test on my very first attempt, can't recommend him enough. Chloe Mount,Headingley Leeds."

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Brilliant, I PASSED my test,very patient and you could try different roads/situations always on time. Dian Li, Leeds University. "

testimonial 20190701_135927-1280x1230.jpg

Passed first time!! Asad is an excellent instructor,while some instructors may take advantage and ask you to pay for unnecessary lessons,he was very honest to telling me whether I am ready or not to sit the test,highly recommended and well worth the money. Syafiqah Hatta,woodhouse Leeds"

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Great instructor, extremely patient and understands that all students learn differently, He really helped me to gain confidence and encourage me massively to pass my test first attempt. Thank you!! Elizabeth Topping, Leeds."

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Passed my test today and am so pleased,thanks so much to Asad for his patience,positivity and expertise!! so glad I went with this driving school,would highly recommend. Rowan Carter.Leeds."

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Brilliant driving school. Instructor always punctual and made me feel at ease from day 1.passed my test first attempt. Louise Curl. Leeds."

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Highly recommended this school,Instructor is very patient and clearly has expert experience. Excellent!!! Passed my test. Helena Thomas, Leeds."

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If you looking for patient and professional instructor than look no further. Passed my test today. Victor Dong, Leeds."

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Amazing and experienced driving instructor with helpful tips and info that no one else provides,just passed today I will never regret going with skyline driving school it was a best choice I could've made with great prices aswell. Luiza pawelec Leeds."

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I came as a student in leeds uni and decided to take driving lessons with skyline only driving school which gives discount to students.very professional instructors.passed my test first attempt. Sophie Robinson Leeds."

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My previous instructor said that I will never be able to pass my driving test than I found skyline driving school and here i am passed my test.best driving school ever. Lena jeha. Leeds."

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I took intensive course and never ever thought that I will pass first time and I did it all credit goes to this driving school very professional and friendly instructor never cancelled a lesson and always on time. Rita Abeciunaite. Leeds."

testimonial 20171023_143940-1280x960.jpg

Passed my test on my first attempt.thanks skyline driving school. "

testimonial 20170807_093221-1280x960.jpg

Student in leeds uni.wanted to pass driving test found skyline driving school on line and i am glad i choose this school.no messing about like others.best driving school for students. PASSED. Francesca. Hyde park.Leeds."

testimonial 20170901_141905-1280x960.jpg

Took intensive course with skyline passed my driving test after 2 weeks.great. Aillis.meanwood Leeds."

testimonial 20170811_132106-1280x960.jpg

Passed my test.very professional instructors.thanks skyline. Stephan.Hyde park Leeds."

testimonial 20170814_103025-1280x960.jpg

I had few lessons before than i start taking lessons with skyline.on a very first lesson I realised this is it.passed straight away. Musbah.Leeds"

testimonial 20170822_100117-1280x960.jpg

Best driving school ever.passed first time.brilliant. Luwie.Leeds"

testimonial 1234.jpg

Passed first time .Asad has been so helpfull teaching me through everything and I know absolutely love driving. I honestly don't think anyone could have done a better job in teaching me how to drive and for that I am so grateful. Lauren. Leeds."

testimonial Screenshot_20170730-205924-1280x720.png

Passed first time.brilliant thanks to skyline driving school. Johnson"

testimonial IMG_20170719_202203_091-1024x1024-1024x1024-1280x1280.jpg

The best driving school ever.had some lessons with other school before come to skyline driving school.on a very first lesson I thought I wasted time and money before.strongly recommend to anyone who want to pass test quick. Sarah Leeds."

testimonial 20170724_152053-1612x1209-1280x960.jpg

I had some lessons with someone else.sooner I start taking lessons with skyline driving school I could tell the difference on a very first lesson.pass my test on my first attempt thanks to skyline driving school. Paul Leeds."

testimonial 2017-01-23 20.43.54.jpg

Skyline is the best driving school in Leeds and Bradford.Great driving instructor,very patient made everything very simple,highly recommend,passed my test first time with only two minors. Sabrina,Bradford."

testimonial 2017-01-14 19.37.35.jpg

Excellent instructor, feel so much confident in driving in just couple of lessons. I passed my test with only few minors, if you want to pass your driving test in quick time this is it. Faryal Sohail, Leeds."

testimonial 2016-12-21 20.45.34.jpg

Excellent service, clear instructions, number one driving school in leeds. If you want to pass your driving test on your first attempt ,like me this is it. I passed with only two minors, thanks skyline driving school. Jerico Brown, Leeds."

testimonial meggae.jpg

Very good driving school. The instructor is very patient, and gives excellent reference points for manoeuvres in order to facilitate the learning. Not only does the learning experience become pleasant but the overall driving experience becomes comfortable. Thanks to skyline driving school, I passed my practical on my first attempt in Horsforth. Maggie Boateng, Leeds. "

testimonial hari.jpg

Passed practical, first attempt :). Thanks. If you are looking for THE best driving school in Leeds or Bradford you nailed it. Excellent place to learn and every session is an experience. I could really see my confidence growing every day.I would definitely recommend skyline driving school. Harikumar Panneer selvam, Leeds "

testimonial toma.jpg

Fantastic driving school, you honestly could not do better. The quality of tuition is excellent, really good teacher, has taught me things my previous instructor did not even mention. i recommend the skyline driving school to anyone without doubt. Toma, Leeds"

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I passed my practical driving test with skyline driving school. It only felt right to learn with Asad considering the fact my older sibling also passed with him. Really recommend this driving instructor to anybody willing to get behind the wheel. Joseph, Leeds"

testimonial vamshi.jpg

Just wow !!! this is the best place to learn driving in Leeds and Bradford. very detailed explanation on point to point which will give us a great confidence. Skyline made practical test pass that easy, all thanks to skyline driving school. Vamshi Somanchi, Bradford."

testimonial dave.jpg

I am so glad that I choose skyline driving school, my instructor covered every thing that i needed to pass the test. thanks to his expertise i passed the practical test on my first attempt. i would recommend definately skyline driving school to anyone who want to pass quick. David, Leeds"